Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mum and Bombi's first day out!

I took Bombi out today for our first daytrip without Dad. We popped in to the Therapy Rooms to see Francine and all the girls from yoga class. Everyone still thinks Bombi is a boy when she's in her blue fleece suit, despite the fact I'd put her in a pink babygro underneath. Annoying!

Then we popped over to JoJoMamanBebeRidiculousBabyShopName on Lordship Lane to spend the gift vouchers from Guy. I bought Bomba a sleepsuit and some cashmere leggings - posh!!

I had planned on going home, but as I had to walk to the bus stop on Goose Green, I saw a bus coming that was heading to Peckham and thought I'd mosey on over there to stop off at Mothercare and spend the gift vouchers from Aunty Rani and Uncle David in Scotland. Bomba was being super well-behaved and enjoying a snooze in the midday sun so I went to Mothercare and bought some cute stuff from the Baby K range by Myleene Klass. I don't really like to support celebrity clothing ranges, but the clothes are really nice - and lots of grey, mum's favourite colour!

No pictures of our little daytrip as I was juggling shopping bags in one hand and Bomba in the other - I must get a baby sling!