Friday, October 10, 2008

Bombi's bigger day out

We took Iris to Crossroads caff yesterday morning as mum and dad were in need of a stodgy fry-up. Bombi then made a quick visit to Ros at Review Bookshop, and Clare at Fenton Walsh on Bellenden Road.

Afterwards, grandma came for a visit which was lovely. As always, she brought us tasty treats and gifts from Aunty Pat in France (a snuggly gro-bag) and my gold baby bangles for Bombi to wear.

Louie babysat whilst Lol went out to the Funky Monkey keyboard class, a new class that I'll be teaching from 5th of November onwards.

Later that evening, we went to the Sassoon Gallery to see Molly's exhibition which was lovely and Bombi was very well behaved and got to meet Uncle Steve Mac.

Today, Vanessa the midwife is coming to see Bombi. Louie is working at the Bizarre Ball, so hopefully mum will have some visitors to keep her company tonight. And big sister Laurie and Georgia are coming to visit this weekend.

Mum is trying to do some birth announcement cards today, although having a bit of an Illustrator problem, so hopefully can find someone to help out with that so the cards can be printed and sent out.

Bombi's new nicknames: Bambalapitiya (a place in Sri Lanka) and wambatu (Sinhalese for aubergine).

Bombi and Louie:

Bombi's coconut head: