Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Good vibrations!

Bombi had her first bath on her own today. She loved it until she swallowed a tiny bit of water and flipped out!

Bombi watching some Lucha Britannia promo movies that Dad edited, plus listening to Magazine's entire back catalogue. I'm not sure she was that impressed by either!

Loz came over yesterday to take some photos of the three of us - I'll post these online as soon as I have them. We dressed Bombi up in her lovely Pumpkin Patch pinafore dress from Godmother Denise. See pics above for her in her party dress!

Today we went to the caff (again). We had planned a little afternoon shopping trip in Peckham to pick up chilli sauce and garlic flakes from Mr Khan's but it was drizzling and Lolly is very tired from waking up at 6am to feed Bombi then not managing to nod off again. At least I got lots of piano practice done for the Marie Antoinette party tomorrow at Crumpled Dog in Shoreditch whilst Bombi was asleep this morning.

Bombi was having a crying fit, so I stuck her in her vibrating chair which seems to have done the trick - for the time being. Am hoping she will nod off soon so I can get into bed and watch some more of The Apprentice with Donald Trump!