Friday, October 24, 2008

Bombi's got a mohawk

Check out Bombalomba's hairdo, she's got quite a barnet. Lou thinks it looks like Posh Spice's Pixie hairdo - argh! I think she looks a bit like Sid Vicious:
Today we took Wambatu to Deptford Market which she wasn't keen on and started crying straight away. Not surprising as it was full of rubbish and a little bit rainy. I breastfed Bomba in the car whilst watching some dunce trying to grapple with a a pressure washer which was reasonably amusing for five minutes.

I took Bombi to The Plough pub at midday to meet some local mums. We met Alice and her twins, and Laura and her son Max. I'll be meeting up with them next Friday.

Here's Bombi after her feed looking full to the brim with milky treats: