Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bombi comes home and everyone comes to visit

Bombi came home on Friday afternoon at 2pm. She hadn't slept much so was exhausted and overtired and cried a lot when grandma and granddad came over. However, by Saturday she was sleeping like a log and was a little joyful thing when granddad and grandma came over again. They also bought lots of lovely snacks to keep mum and dad nourished - tasty Sri Lankan curry, roast chicken and a lovely present from Aunty Priya.

On Saturday, Erika came to check Iris and how she was feeding. All was good, and then Aunty Mad Girl came to visit and coo over the baby. She also held Bombi whilst I managed to scoff a gourmet breakfast that Louie prepared for me. He's been taking excellent care of me and Bomb, we couldn't ask for a better daddy! Godfather Rob also popped over with some beautiful flowers for Lolly.

Suzanne and Mia from Barry Road came to visit and we did a cast of Bombi's foot but she was not in the mood to be messed with, so the cast didn't work out so well. We'll try again another day.

Carla and Ronan, also from Barry Road, popped by to visit. Hopefully Carla will be next on the baby wagon and I can offload some of my baby stuff on her - there is just SO much stuff that we have been given or bought. I'd hate for any of it to go to waste. Sunday was an even busier day with visitors. Uncle Geoff and Cousins Meg and Chris drove down from Suffolk to see Bombi. Godmother Niki came along, and later, Aunty Mad Girl and Rio, Chinny, TT and Tinari all came along. It was quite a madhouse! Check out the video of all the gang in action!