Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bombi meets her big sisters

Bombi met Petrina yesterday, along with big sisters Georgia and Laurie. Bombi also did some mighty impressive poops - hurrah for bombi! Her nappy overfloweth...

We took Bombi to the Rye Lane Market for pizza - she dozed all the way through it. She wasn't so dozy when we got home, so Lou gave her a bath and washed her hair. Her hair has now puffed up into a Sri Lankan afro - photos of this to come, but she's asleep, so don't want to wake her up just to take a photo of her candy floss head!

Here's a picture of Petrina and Laurie with Bombi. Today we should be having more visitors - Uncle Andrew and Aunty June and hopefully James and Janet. Veronica and Phoebe also mentioned popping over so we should be seeing them later too!

Bombi's wardrobe is provided by Aunty Mad Girl, bibs from Aunty Steph.