Monday, September 20, 2010

No blog for months!

I haven't blogged for months and months! It's so hard to keep up the blog when trying to run around after a manic toddler who's hellbent on throwing the entire contents of my handbag into the pond or the toilet, pulling every book out of the bookshelf and ripping toilet paper into little tiny shreds! Oh well, it's all fun - the only exercise I get these days is running around after her! So here's to recap on the events of the last six months - let's start with July. Proper blogs and photos will be coming soon(ish)!

Cupcake Decorating with MakeHQ In preparation for Bombi's birthday party, I went to a MakeHQ workshop on cupcake decorating. So much fun! Nikki also very kindly bought me some AMAZING nozzles from lakeland for making cupcakes - so now I have no excuse!

Myatt's Fields Water Park
We just love the waterpark here. The fountains are fantastic, Bombi really loves getting soaked under these. It's also a great place to hang out and chat to some very lovely parents.

Lambeth Country Fair:
This is always a fun day out, we go every year. Loads of animals in the petting zoo, falconry displays, yummy Jamaican food (gotta love the saltfish patties), African dancing and drumming - and custard pies!

Spitalfields' City Farm
Bombi and little sister Nelly love hanging out and spending time on the farm. They look so cute together!

Grazia - Shoes!
Bombi was in a photoshoot for Grazia magazine to publicise the upcoming dance show at Sadler's Wells entitled "Shoe".

Gumboots Summer Fair
Bombi has started a new nursery at the lovely Gumboots. Her big sister Lily-Mae went here many years ago. The nursery has a lovely outside space for the kids to run around, lots of chickens, plenty of vegetables growing in the garden for their lunch and heaps of things to play outside with. The staff are all the same as when Lily-mae went here which is quite incredible, given the high turnover of staff at Bombi's old nursery in Dulwich.

Splish-splash in the garden
We're making the most of the lovely hot weather and making our own waterpark in the back garden.
First day of School
One of my pupils from St. Anthony's left their school jumper here. Bombi wanted to try it on and became very attached to it. Hopefully this is the school that she will be going to in a couple of years, so this is a glimpse into her future! Sadly we had to give the jumper back, but here is a photo of her looking very proud in her school uniform!

Cailean & Bombi
Bombi and Cailaen have a special relationship, they are like two peas in a pod, always laughing and giggling together, snogging each other and following each other around. We've not seen Cailean for a couple of weeks as he's been in Sicily, so we are looking forward to seeing him soon!

Here's our biggest blog so far - our trip to Sri Lanka in July and August 2010.