Saturday, September 11, 2010

Harvest at Jimmy's

We went to Jimmy's Farm for their annual Harvest at Jimmy's festival. It was a very average experience as far as festivals go. I thought the entrance was a bit steep for a load of bands we'd never heard of, plus there were tonnes of food stalls, but all charging the usual festie prices for tasty-ish food. I think our favourite thing was The White Stuff Bus which kept the kids amused for hours. The animals were of course lots of fun, and the butterfly house too but you can pay just a few quid to get into Jimmy's Farm to see these on any normal day. We were keen to go as it's just round the corner from my brother who lives in Suffolk, so whilst it was nice to catch up with Chris, Megan and Geoff, I'm not at all sure we'll be back next year!

And check this out - the only way to find out what the line-up for the two days was to buy a program that cost £10. Shame on you, Jimmy - what a rip off, on top of the additional £5 parking charge they stung us for at short notice. PLUS The Zutons cancelled which was the only band worth seeing.

Megan and Chris:
A stinkhorn:

A pink tractor, what every girl wants:
In The White Stuff bus:

OK, so maybe we won't be back next year!!