Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bombi's first trip to The Motherland

Last time we were in Sri Lanka, I was 6 months pregnant. We returned two years later with Bombi to introduce her to her Sri Lankan family, all the wonderful creatures, delicious food, exotic fruits and the beautiful sandy beaches of this tropical paradise.

Creatures & Critters

Hungry crows everywhere:A dead cockroach is the best kind of cockroach! Lizard with a tasty beetle snack: Huna (gecko) in a glass: Branded cow: Mongoose (mongeese?) at the Taj Hotel in Bentota:Elephants at the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, or 'eleboys' as Bombi calls them: Eleboy: More eleboys: Lizard: Beach crab:New friends
We met a lovely family whilst walking through a small village just off the railway tracks in Bentota. The father called us over when he saw us with Bombi and introduced us to his 7-day old grandson. He was extremely proud to be a grandfather and show off his grandson. As is typical of Sri Lankan hospitality, they invited us over for a dinner of fish and string hoppers. Rather oddly, they all sat around watching us eat and didn't join in themselves which was a bit weird. The dad was happy that we'd brought round some arrack for him to drink. Arrack is a strong liquor made from coconut. It's pretty potent stuff. I thought it would last him a few days, but by the next day he'd told us he'd demolished it all in one sitting and could we bring him some more? Ha!Bentota Beach Times
Lou and Bombi in the pool at the Taj Exotica Hotel: In Bentota town: Poolside at the Taj: Strolling on Bentota Beach: You're never far away from a Land Rover!
Village Days in Kandy

Kandy is in the Hill Country which means it's much cooler and there are less mosquitoes - although plenty of leeches to make up for that. Bombi was unperturbed by having a leech stuck to her, in fact we didn't even notice it till some hours later when we took off her shoes!
Suminar's boys:
Kumari and her son: Bombi's new chum at the delicious food hut in Kandy: Kumari carving up some jackfruit for us: Kumari and family:
More beachy times in Negombo with Aunty Manel, cousin Tracey & Rohan
On Negombo beach - many a day spent here!
Telling us to 'shush' at the amazin eco-rest Ranweli:
On the beach with Daddy:

A Kandyan wedding at Ranweli in Negombo:
On the beach in Negombo with Aunty Manel:
No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without a tuk-tuk ride:
Bombi looking proud of having completely missed the potty:
City living in Colombo
Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka - it's a large, bustling city. My parents have an apartment here near the Parliament which is quite remote from the centre, although it is the official Capital of the country. There's not an awful lot going on here except for paddy fields, water buffalo and lots of birds flying around. Don't ask me the names of them because I am hopeless, but I am sure Lou mentioned something about golden orioles and kingfishers.

It's Rambutan season in Sri Lanka around May - July. Bombi loved scoffing these tasty treats. They taste very similar to lychees, but less perfumed. They cost about 2pence each, we used to buy a bag on the side of the road everyday for Bombi to chomp through. Rice on head - a typical Sri Lankan street sight:
Our lovely family in Colombo - Melissa, Shenelle, Aunty Shiromi and Aunty Leo, our personal chef! Here's Bombi entertaining everyone with her antics:

With Aunty Ilani outside the 2000 Plaza in Kotte:
A playground in Sri Jayawardenapura:
Now that Bombi's great-Nanna has emigrated to Sri Lanka, we'll be going back again in 2012.