Monday, February 16, 2009

The chaos we call home!

Today is my first day off work in 6 weeks. Hurrah for half term! I am sat here surveying the chaos of our home wondering where to start with sorting out the mess. Bombi is sat next to me doing her stomach crunches - not long till she's sitting up now.

Aunty Hils met us in Dulwich Village for lunch:

And the new Micralite pram arrived, hooray:

We went to Dulwich Park to see Tinari, Chinny, TT, Rio, Aunty Rioch and Uncle Ian in the afternoon as it was so sunny today. I wish it was half term all the time.

Tomorrow we are off to Suffolk to see Uncle Geoff, and I've just booked our trip to Berlin to see Adam. Go Bombi!

Now back to the mess...
Here's a pic of Bombi with some very silly bunches: