Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bombi goes to Whitstable and Herne Bay for daddy's birthday

We took Bombatu to the seaside again which she really liked. We had dinner at a yummy restaurant in Herne Bay called Le Petit Poisson. We stayed at the Priory B+B
which was very cosy (despite the not very cosy pillows and uber-Central Heating). Bombi was a bit shrieky and Daddy went to sleep in the car for a couple of hours until she nodded off. Poor Daddy - asleep in the car on his birthday in the freezing cold! We went oyster-shell collecting in Whitstable on Sunday and Mummy went window shopping for a beach hut!

Bombi at the skate park in Tankerton:
Bombi with Daddy in Whitstable:

Bombi chilling out in bed in Herne Bay:
Daddy took these beautiful photos in Herne Bay: