Sunday, July 01, 2012

Carter's Steam Fair at Belair Park, 1st July

On another rainy Summer day, we scootered from East Dulwich to Belair Park for the Carter's Steam Fair. The fair was crammed into a reasonably small space, but there were delighted faces all around and most of the parents didn't look too put out from having their wallets rinsed. Each ride is £2 or £2.50 for adults and children. Nothing is a pound except for rubbish things like the wall with the funny mirrors that no-one was interested in!

Of course the horse carousel was Iris' favourite, she tried out about 3 different horses before settling for Seth.

Iris and her chum Anais on the swing:

The Lightning Skid was well worth the £2.50 though - truly vomit inducing but lots of fun!

Afterwards we checked out the "Foodie Faces", The Four Seasons by Philip Haas at the Dulwich Picture Gallery