Friday, May 08, 2009

Bombi's been busy

Lou was away this week in Wales, so I spent lots of time in bed with Bombi trying to keep her entertained inbetween working and nursing a mild case of an achy insomnia head. Here she is wearing a lovely hat that Andy and Melek Liyanage gave her: Steve came to visit us in Dulwich. We had a gorgeous day with him and Mylo: Mylo was quite a superstar around the park. An artist wanted to take his photo for a portrait. Lucky Mylo! Bombi went to Bournemouth. Here she is with Aunty Bev: We took Bombi to The Herne Tavern. Here she is with Mummy Esme: With Daddy: Mummy Esme bought Bombi this beautiful hat for our upcoming Turkish holiday: