Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bombi goes to the adventure park, then Maia and Iona's birthday party

Bombi went to the adventure park with Other Mummy Esme, big sis Lily-Mae, Loz, Enzo, Emilio, Pretend brothers Jago and Dylan, and mum and dad, of course! Then she went to Maia and Iona's 1st birthday party. She met up with her friends Barney and Harry too. Maia and Iona's granny had come over from Bangalore and cooked some scrumptious Indian food.

With 'Mummy' Esme:
With Daddy and Loz:
Baby Harry:
Maeve and Baby Maia who was 1 year old on Thursday:
Barney, Bombi and Harry:
Grandad and Maia:

Mummy, Bombi, Iona and Aunty Helen:

Bombi playing the piano:

Bombi's sitting up!