Monday, November 10, 2008

Bombi bits and bobs

Today we went to see Aunty Mad Girl and Tinari in Nunhead, then we went to the Clockhouse for lunch with Tessa and Anna, Jenny and Emily, Chrissie and Spike, Bayan and Camilla & Karen and Katy. Food was tasty although it should be for the Dulwich price we paid! (Forgot to take pics at the Clockhouse)

We tried to register Bombi's birth today, but I got the time wrong and they wouldn't let us register her today as they are mean buggers at the Registry Office. I sulked out of there, but have got an appointment tomorrow.

Here's a pic of Bombi in her sleeping bag - complete with price tag:
Bombi in her giraffe suit again:
Bombi with her 'bombi' fleecy blanket. Cosy! (I usually sleep with this one in my bed!)
Bombi practicing her right hook:
Bombi with her Touareg turban:
Bathtime with Daddy and Mae-mae:
Bombi's little finger: